Our main TTC center activities

Training, testing and certification center

This concept is developed by long-term experience and know-how of ISE . Quality is the root for success, and our training and testing centers are the testimony of our business approach. ISE owns two facilities for training, testing and certification services in Klaipeda, Lithuania and Kiev, Ukraine. Professional trainers with multiyear experience are providing qualitatively trainings for our and our customers' employees. After training session each of the specialist is receiving personal evaluation with recommendations for skills improvement. If needed, certification process is arranged in collaboration with authorised NoBo companies.

What services we can provide?

Training programs for specialists to improve their skills and competences

  • Training program for carbon steel and stainless-steel welding and fitting works

  • Training program for ventilation ducts prefabrication

  • Training program for HVAC installation

  • Training program for insulation and cladding installation

  • Training program for interior ceiling and wall installation

  • Training program for interior various types flooring installation

  • Training program for furniture installation and touch-up works

  • Training program for plumbing (plastic and copper pipeline) works

  • Training program for understanding and reading of engineering drawings

  • Training program for installation and assemby of flange and screw connections for pressure systems in accordance with EN 1591-4:2013

Testing services for specialist

  • Testing services of employees qualification can be provided to any company

  • All our employees are tested before employment in particular projects

Qualification improvement and skills development trainings

  • Specific training workshops for specialists before approaching the customer / the project site

  • Periodical trainings of employees in order to maintain high quality of services for our customers

Certification services for welders

  • MMA (111) certifications for welders

  • GMAW (MIG (131)/MAG (135,136,138)) certifications for welders

  • TIG (141, 142, 143, 145) certifications for welders

  • Other welding types according to request

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