About ISE

Industrial systems & engineering is a Lithuanian company with its headquarters and in Klaipeda. We offer qualified support solutions for industrial and shipbuilding projects internationally.

We are committed to delivering excellent results and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our goal is to foster long-term partnerships through recurring projects. To achieve this, we focus on creating a reliable and convenient working environment, maintaining flexibility, and effectively communicating to swiftly address any unexpected issues, such as schedule delays or the need for specialized solutions.

Why us?

We seamlessly adapt to meet client needs, ensuring that each team is capably led by an English-speaking leader. Our focus is on swiftly addressing challenges while keeping our employees motivated and engaged. By rigorously adhering to local legal standards and prioritizing clear communication, we ensure our team leaders, who possess extensive experience in various industrial sectors, are well-prepared to excel.

Meet the team

Tomas Vainorius


Lauryna Mikelkevičiūtė

HR Manager

Marius Prišmontas

Sales Manager

Radvilė Tarvydienė

Recruitment Manager

Within our group

  • Independent project management

  • Flying teams

  • Technical solutions

  • Qualified personnel solutions

Favourable ship repair solutions

Within our group, ISE specializes in industrial construction and shipbuilding, focusing on delivering top-tier solutions in these sectors. Additionally, we have FoShip, a subsidiary company dedicated to providing favorable ship repair solutions. This strategic alignment allows us to offer comprehensive services across the marine and industrial construction industries, ensuring our clients receive expert support tailored to their specific needs.