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At ISE, we are always on the lookout for skilled professionals who are ready to drive progress in the industrial construction, shipbuilding and ship repair industries. Our ideal candidates are those who thrive in dynamic environments and are committed to delivering excellence in every project. If you possess expertise in these industries and are seeking a challenging and rewarding career, we invite you to join our team and help us build the future.

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Job offers


3500 - 4000 €/month after tax

Pipe fitter

3000 - 3500 €/month after tax

HVAC installer

3200 - 3400 €/month after tax

Ship interior specialist

3200 - 3600 €/month after tax

Insulation specialist

3000 - 3500 €/month after tax

When I started my job, it was made clear that there was no time for games; we knew exactly when we needed to leave and if I was motivated, it was time to get moving! The work itself is certainly challenging—making a mistake like unscrewing the wrong flange can cause a lot of problems, but that's exactly what I find intriguing; it requires careful thought. I've been working here for six months now and I still find it engaging. As for organizational issues, they do arise, but what matters most is that problems are addressed and resolved promptly.

- Juozas

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